Pre-Employment Screening in Lafayette, LA

Many companies, both large and small, choose to send potential and new hires to undergo pre-employment screenings. The dual purpose of these pre-employment screenings is to determine whether the employee is capable of performing the job they will be doing, as well as to identify any existing injuries the employee may have coming into a new position to prevent further injury.

With over 1.5 million people injured in workers’ compensation related accidents annually, according to Bureau of Labor statistics, the practice of applicants and new hires submitting to pre-employment screenings is becoming the standard instead of the exception. Pre-employment screening is a proven method of risk management, and can positively affect your bottom line if you are an employer.

Our therapists perform thorough pre-employment screenings that are compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act. We can help you to fast track your hiring processes by providing you with a team of therapists to realistically determine whether a candidate has the necessary strength and musculoskeletal health to meet the needs of the position they are applying for.

At Physical Therapy South, our pre-employment screenings are specifically tailored to the job that the applicant will ostensibly be performing. We will adequately, professionally, and thoroughly that job applicants can correctly and safely demonstrate the required physical aspects of their job, day in and day out. Pre-employment screenings usually take less than an hour to complete. You can schedule your pre-employment screening or set up multiple employee screenings for your organization by calling our Lafayette office.

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