Wellness & Fitness Progam

The Wellness Center at Physical Therapy South in Lafayette, LA uses top of the line Cybex equipment to isolate each muscle group and strength train in an ergonomically sound manner.

Pre-Employment Screening

At Physical Therapy South in Lafayette, LA, our pre-employment screenings are specifically tailored to the job that the applicant will ostensibly be performing.

Biomechanical Assessment

Physical Therapy South in Lafayette, LA has a staff of trained physical therapists who can perform a biomechanical assessment, which is a detailed analyses and investigation of injuries and conditions presenting in lower limbs.

Fall Risk Assessment

Fall Risk Assessments in Lafayette, LA, administered by professional therapists, can identify your particular risk for a major fall so that your clinician can recommend a plan of care to correct potential fall risk.

Sports Medicine

Since 2002, we have treated thousands of sports injuries in Lafayette, LA from local high school, collegiate and professional athletes.

Direct Access Physical Therapy

In the State of Louisiana, patients no longer need a doctor’s approval to see a Physical Therapist in Lafayette, LA. Beginning in June of 2016, in an effort by the state to improve access to physical therapy, patients can now seek “direct access” to a physical therapist, bypassing a separate trip to their doctors’ offices.