Biomechanical Assessment in Lafayette, LA

Physical Therapy South has a staff of trained therapists who can perform a biomechanical assessment, which is a detailed analyses and investigation of injuries and conditions presenting in lower limbs. These examinations can help determine the root cause of foot, ankle, knee, hip, and even back pain in some cases.

Our therapists use the Regional Interdependence Model to assess patients. This model is built around the concept that unrelated impairments in remote anatomical regions can contribute to a patient’s primary complaint. For example, a runner who presents with foot pain may also end up with knee or back pain.

In reality, most people are not perfectly symmetrical. This imbalance in symmetry can can affect the way you move, and cause symptoms to worsen over a long period of time. Some people’s bodies are able to compensate for these abnormalities without any debilitating symptoms, but other people experience duress in these situations, resulting in acute or chronic pain in joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons.

Our biomechanical assessments usually involve a static assessment, where we will take measurements and make observations while you are in a lying or seated position. The rest of the test will be dynamic in nature, and we will ask you to engage your muscles by walking or running so that we may analyze your gait (the way you walk).

Budget about an hour of time for your assessment, unless you are instructed otherwise on your phone consultation. Please wear comfortable clothing, preferably athletic style shorts or yoga pants so that we can observe the motion of your limbs.

Once a proper assessment is made, we can then recommend strength training, therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, massage and modalities along with a home exercise program to keep you on the path to living pain free.

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