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PT South provides Physical Therapy in Lafayette, LA and has been rehabilitating patients from illness and injury since 2001. We provide an upbeat, positive atmosphere and outcomes-focused physical therapy services from our convenient location near River Ranch in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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Physical Therapy in Lafayette LA

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Physical Therapy in Lafayette, LA

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Welcome to PT South, Acadiana’s choice for Physical Therapy in Lafayette, LA! Our team at PT South is always striving to provide the highest quality of care and treatment in Acadiana. We believe in individualized physical therapy plans tailored to each patient’s needs. Our Physical Therapist in Lafayette, Stephen Kramer, is deeply passionate about helping patients reach their goals. Open since 2001, PT South has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide the best care possible.

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At PT South, your choice for Physical Therapy in Lafayette, LA, we provide free assessments to help determine your level of need for physical therapy and to help develop a plan of action for your road to recovery and rehabilitation of your injury or illness.


Physical Therapist in Lafayette, LA

Direct Access PT

In the State of Louisiana, you no longer need a prescription to seek relief from physical therapy. If you have insurance, we will help you coordinate your benefits. We also accept self-pay physical therapy patients who do not have insurance.

Sports Medicine

Athletic injuries require special attention. We can work with you to reach your goals and get you back on the playing field. Whether you are a professional athlete, a student athlete, or a weekend warrior on the back nine, we can help you play your best game!

Fall Risk Assessment

Our team of physical therapists at PT South use proven methods to measure and assess your gait (the way you walk), among other indicators, to determine how likely you are to fall. This is called your “fall risk factor,” and if treated in time, can minimize your risk for falls.

Most Frequent Questions About Physical Therapy

No, in the state of Louisiana you no longer need a prescription. Most private insurances are covered through direct access

Your physical therapist will determine your needs during your initial assessment.  Most patients attend 1 to 2 times per week for 4 to 6 weeks on average.

Yes, we accept most all private insurances. We are also accept Medicare.

Research has shown through mobilization and exercise, there is usually a diminishment of pain & symptoms. 

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PT South in Lafayette, LA is your #1 choice for Physical Therapy in Acadiana.

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