Working Out in a PT Gym vs. a Regular Gym

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Why Work Out in a PT Gym vs. a Regular Gym?
There are four primary reasons working out at your Physical Therapist’s gym is better than a regular gym.
1. They are a Trained Eye
Physical Therapists are trained in body mechanics – How it should work and how to
correct problems. While it is definitely beneficial for you to work out near a mirror to
ensure that your form is correct, it is more beneficial to learn what correct form looks like. Your Physical Therapist can assist you in getting into proper form for each rep and teach you what to look for in yourself as you attempt each movement.
2. They Merge Your Goals of Fitness and Healing
Physical Therapists have advanced knowledge of both the human body and the
individual strengths and weakness particular to you. Having them keep their eye on you while you build stamina, strength, and flexibility, will help to ensure that you do it injury-free and focused on the areas where you need the most help – not just the area that comes next in the routine.
3. They Hold You Accountable
Have you ever gone to a medical provider and not fully remembered the “homework” you were supposed to complete between visits? When you are exercising in the same facility as the Physical Therapist who assigned your exercises in the first place, you will easily have access to anything you may have forgotten from your last visit. This way, you stay on track to achieving your goals and you don’t have to wait for your next appointment to learn how to progress your exercise because your physical therapist is right there and can help you move to the next level in real time!
4. They Can Assess Problems Immediately
Have you ever “tweaked” a muscle or rolled your ankle while working out? Physical
Therapists can proactively assess what type of intervention or restorative techniques should be taken instead of you waiting a few days to see if things improve on their own. Learn if you need to apply ice or heat, stretching or restriction immediately after the incident by working out in a PT gym.
Schedule a free tour of our gym, and ask us about Wellness programs, even if you aren’t a patient! To schedule an evaluation, call 337.988.7777 in Lafayette or 337.451.6385.
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