Why is Pain Sometimes Worse in Mornings and Evenings?

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There are many causes for morning and evening pain which can range from short-term injury to long-term chronic issues. Staying in a single position or just not moving frequently over a long period of time can cause aches and pains because your joints and muscles have not been stimulated. After sleeping all night or sitting all day, joints can feel a great deal of stress and be uncomfortable for a time when you start moving again.

For many people, the answer to morning pain can be answered by changing their sleeping position. Using pillows under legs or ankles to help support joints better can bring some of the relief they need for morning pain. Stretching can also help get fluid moving in joints again and lubricate those areas thus relieving pain.

For other people, evening pain can be explained because they work in a sedentary position most of the day. Setting an hourly alarm to remind yourself to get up and move can help tremendously. Walk down the hall and get a glass of water, pace around your desk, stretch in your cubicle, or find some other light activity (use your Thera-band perhaps?) for a few minutes to help keep your body from getting stiff and allow yourself to reposition your posture. Stress can also be a factor contributing to pain so when you go home after work and no longer have the distractions of the workday, but still have stress looming, you are more aware of the pain building over the course of the day.

Some aches and pains every morning and evening are typical and expected at some point in everyone’s lives. It is when the pain starts to restrict your daily activities and quality of life that you should seek the professional help of a physical therapist to evaluate your entire musculoskeletal system and determine if there is a larger issue causing problems. Call us today at 337.988.8777 to schedule a sports evaluation or bio-mechanical assessment.

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