Thera-bands: What They Are and How They Help

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Let’s talk Thera-bands. What do they do? How can they help you?

Have you ever received treatment from a Physical Therapist and used a colorful, strip of rubber to facilitate an exercise? These are called Thera-bands. They are a tool that Physical Therapists often use when trying to either create resistance or add assistance to patient exercises. The wide variety of colors are actually different levels of tension that each provide, allowing them to be used by any patient regardless of fitness level, age, or restrictions.

The low cost of these bands coupled with the ease of use make them ideal mechanisms to aid in patient exercises both in the clinic and at home to maintain patient compliance which increases success and healing. They are even available in latex-free varieties for people with latex allergies.

Thera-bands are sold in large spools and kept on-hand at our clinics. This allows for individual lengths to be cut in order to accommodate the exercise or patient needs. The height of the patient or configuration of the exercise will dictate how much of the band in needed (and which tension/color).

Since the bands are so thin and pliable, they can be folded, mashed, crumpled, or stuffed anywhere so that you can have it with you wherever you go! Place them in your home gym, your car, your briefcase, your suitcase, your diaper bag, your purse, your backpack, or anyplace you think you might find some downtime and never miss another opportunity to get a few exercises in throughout the day!

The key to recovery is being consistent with your treatment plan and compliant with your at-home program. Working together with your Physical Therapist to achieve the best results will require both clinical care and personal care. Thera-bands make it easy to stay on task with your home exercise program. The downside is that they also take away all of your excuses about why you were not able to keep up with your “homework”!

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